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Rugs Care and Maintenance

New flooring represents a substantial investment. Proper care and cleaning of your new area rug will ensure that the distinctive beauty remains for years to come and your enjoyment will last. Their durability cannot be prolonged unless certain simple steps are followed toward their maintenance.

Indoor Area Rug Care

• Vacuuming: Routine vacuuming with a high quality vacuum cleaner is the most important thing you can do to maintain the beauty of your rug.

• Vacuum thoroughly and frequently with a canister vacuum (preferably one without beater bars). This prevents permanent damage by keeping soil particles from working their way deep into your rug.

• Rugs placed in high traffic areas of your home or office should be vacuumed more frequently.

• Never vacuum the fringes of your rug, especially a hand-knotted rug.

• Change the vacuuming direction occasionally to help stand the pile upright and help reduce matting.

• Removing Stains: Quick action following a spill is essential in order to keep a permanent stain from setting into your rug.

• Act quickly to soak up the spill and clean any residual staining. For liquid spills, use a clean, undyed cloth and press firmly around the spill to absorb as much as possible. Do not rub! This will cause the stain to set deeper into the rug, making it harder to remove and increasing the likelihood that it will reappear.

• For wool rugs, after the spill has been blotted, use lukewarm water to remove any residual stain. • For hard to remove stains, professional rug cleaning is recommended.

• Shedding: Wool rugs shed as a natural consequence of how they are made; this is especially true of new wool rugs. However, this shedding will gradually diminish and can be reduced by following these simply helpful hints:

• A high-quality rug pad under your carpet can reduce surface friction that can cause excessive shedding.

• Vacuum a new wool rug 1-2 times a week for the first few weeks using a low pressure vacuum cleaner without beater bars.

• Vacuum in the direction of the pile, not against it.

• Shedding is natural and to be expected of wool rugs, however excessive shedding in high-quality wool rugs will diminish within 4 – 6 months (or less).

• Do not pull loose ends; clip them with scissors to remove.

• Certain rugs have the large loop weave on them, and the loops can come undone. We suggest those loose loops be cut instead of being pulled.

• Flattening and Removing Creases: Packing and shipping of your rug may cause temporary creases or kinks in your new area rug or runner. These surface waves are not imperfections or damage and will gradually recede. You can assist in the process of flattening and removing creases by back-rolling or reverse rolling. This is the fastest and easiest way to remove creases in your area rug or hallway runner.

• These creases and waves will normally flatten-out on their own so in most cases you can simply allow ample time for your rug or runner to settle. • Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening piles. • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight will cause the colors in your area rug to fade over time.

• Place your area rug away from direct sunlight whenever possible. The center of a room is a preferable location to reduce the risk of fading.

• Draw your curtains or lower blinds to shade your rug.

• Use protective window treatments or window coatings to block UV rays.

• Cleaning: You should follow the directions of the manufacturer and rely on the experience of a professional carpet/rug cleaner. Learn more about your rug by visiting the Carpet & Rugs Encyclopedia at www.carpetandrugpedia.com. Indoor-Outdoor Rug Care Indoor-outdoor rugs are made with durable synthetic materials to help them to withstand high traffic, excessive dirt and spills, and the natural elements that can cause damage. However, while indoor/outdoor rugs are constructed to be dirt and stain resistant, they still require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.

• Know Your Rug: Every indoor-outdoor and outdoor area rug will be made from different materials or a different blend of materials. Read the label on your rug and follow the cleaning instructions and precautions provided by the manufacturer.

• Regularly shake: This removes dust and dirt which may have accumulated and will extend the life of your rug.
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